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Financial Coaching

​Are you starting out fresh? ​Maybe you're starting a business!

Do you want to make the most of life your now? 

Or perhaps you want to start planning for retirement!

A Freedom Services Financial Coach can help you!

​Debt Relief

  • ​Credit Corrections
  • Dispute Negative Items
  • Dispute Payments
  • Dispute 7+yo Accounts
  • Repayment Plans
  • Credit Settlements
  • ​Support
  • Legal Referral(pro bono If qualify)

​Student Debt

  • ​deferments
  • Forbearance
  • Repayment Plan
  • Consolidation

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​Millions of Americans have bad ​credit
scores or scores lower than 600. We can help you customize​ an action plan to improve your score and raise it above 600.​​