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Tax Services

Our team experts understand Taxes

From tax return preparation to tax planning support, we’re here to help all year round. Freedom Services puts  the experience on your side, our expert will work hard to  make sure you’re get the maximum refund—guaranteed.

Do you owe money to the IRS? Have your wages been garnished? Need tax assistance? 

You're not alone, millions of Americans fall behind in their taxes every year. Being in debt with the IRS can be a frightening experience, but don’t worry there is hope – TAX RESOLUTION. Our knowledgeable experts can help you reach a tax resolution agreement with the IRS using proven strategies.

Do you need experienced, affordable and dependable bookkeeping services?

 What about money management and expense tracking?

We can take care of your business bookkeeping needs. So you can run your business and continue generating profits!

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Weather it's an IRS problem,  an insurance quote or a complete credit analysis, our experts are ready by to help you.

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