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Often used alongside "Tasks," "Activity Reminders" are the most popular tool for managing workflow.You may be pondering: "how do 'Activity Reminders' differ from 'To-Do’s'?"Instead of a long term list of tasks to complete, Activity Reminders are calendar events. Users often think of the Activity Reminders list as their daily "to-do list." Activity Reminders are also called "Suspenses" in other systems. This page should be the first one users view when they log in every morning. When properly used, Activity Reminders will notify the user what they need to be working on that day. When creating reminders, you are able to select to receive an email as an additional method of being notified that you have something to do or work on.The "To-Do List" is designed to be more of a "wish list" while "Activity Reminders" is a list of work items that need to be completed. Unlike "To-Do's," "Activity Reminders" are date sensitive.

Activity Reminders
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7 Chapters

Nowcerts Basics

NowCerts is a cloud-based insurance solution designed for insurance agencies of all sizes. Key functionalities include commission tracking, task management, claims management, reporting, self-service certificates, reminders, calendars, dashboards and e-signature.

Users can create projects, assign tasks and track project progress. Acord forms are available in various formats which can be edited, signed, e-mailed, faxed and saved. The solution enables users to create invoices, make payments and issue receipts. Additionally, users can receive automated reminders as their renewal date approaches.

The solution lets users track agency and agent commissions, agency fees and carrier fees. Also, users are able to issue their own certificates. NowCerts integrates with multiple applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, QuickBooks, SignNow, Zapier and Twilio.

NowCerts is priced on a per month per agency subscription basis, and support is provided via an online helpdesk, email, live chat and over the phone.

Chaper 1 "Interface" 2 Lessons

Dashboard Overview

This section will explain Nowcerts' basic layout.

Navigation Menu

Nowcerts navigation menu overview.

Chapter 2 "Prospects/Insureds" 3 Lessons

Adding New Clients and Prospects

In this lesson you will learn how to add new client and prospects in Nowcerts.

Making a prospect into an insured:

In this lesson you will learn how to make a prospect into an insured.

Merging duplicate entries of insureds/prospects:

In this lesson you will learn how to merge duplicate entries of insureds/prospects.

Chapter 3 "Policies" 3 Lessons

Entering policies:

In this lesson you will learn how to enter a policy in Nowcerts.

Reassigning a policy to a different insured:

In this lesson you will learn how to reassign a policy to a different insured.

Master certificates/Sending certificates/Additional interests:

In this video lesson you will learn how to create a master certificate template, how to send certificates and add additional interesst.

Chapter 4 "Billing" 7 Lessons

Direct bill:

The carrier or the MGA handles all the billing. The agency does not handle any money. For this type of billing, the agency does not need to generate any records aside from noting the change of coverage AND recording commission. There are no receivables from the insured and no payables to the carrier/MGA.

Direct bill with down payment:

Direct bill, but with a twist. The agency needs to collect a down payment. The rest of the billing is done by the carrier (as above in the direct bill). There are just two transactions to record: the receivable for the down payment and the payable for the down payment (net of commission to the carrier). The fees and commissions remain as separate billing types.

Agency bill paid in full (PIF):

In this case, the agency is responsible for collecting the entire premium, but it is all paid in the beginning. This, in effect, is similar to "direct bill with a down payment". There are just two transactions to record.

Agency bill with outside financing:

In this case, the agency collects the down payment and then arranges for a finance company to finance and collect payments for the balance. Practically, it is similar to "agency bill paid in full (PIF)" explained above. The agency only collects one receivable and only sends out one payable.

Agency bill - monthly:

The agency is responsible for collecting all installments on a policy (e.g. a commercial policy usually has a 25% down payment plus 9 monthly installments).

Creating invoices:

You can create an invoice after adding an endorsement with payables and receivables included. 

Editing an endorsement with invoices and payments attached:

Editing an endorsement with invoices and payments attached.

Chapter 5 "Reconciliations" 1 Lesson


The Nowcerts commission reconciliations module allows users to mark hundreds of commissions as paid within seconds.

Chapter 6 "Documents" 2 Lessons

Uploading documents:

In this lesson you will learn how to upload documents in Nowcerts.

Filling out Acord forms/Applications:

In this lesson you will learn how to fill out accord forms.

Chapter 7 "Tasks/To Do's" 7 Lessons



Activity Reminders

Acxtivities Reminders.

Important Dates

"Important Dates".

Endorsement Status

Endorsement Status

Workflow – Tasks/Activity Reminders

Workflow - Tasks/Activity Reminders



To Do List

To Do List