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​We are​ an independent company that is committed to providing our agents with resources to maximize their ability to serve the community. We offer diverse Financial Services, including Insurance, Credit Repair, Income Tax Preparation, BookKeeping, and
Company Creation among others.

Freedom is more than a tax preparation or credit restoration company, Freedom is a one stop solution, where ​our ​customers find guidance and clear directions through the path ​towards financial peace and freedom. 

​The Founders

​Fabian Martinez


Fabian has been helping people as well as companies with their taxes for more than 10 years. His vision is to help people reach their financial goals through effective coaching and financial education.

​Elizabeth Simeon


​Elizabeth loves to serve her community everyday, and is proud to have​ helped thousands of people with their insurance and financial needs for more than 15 years.

​​Freedom's founders have extensive backgrounds in financial products and ​especially in customer service. Combined, they​ have been ​helping people and companies ​for more than 1​5 years. 

​Freedom ​started with the same vision that guides us today.

At Freedom Services, we started with a simple vision, "to create a better everyday and long term financial life for our community". We’ve been true to this principle since even before our beginning when we founded the company in 2017.

​Our Mission

​Since we started, we’ve helped thousands of people with their taxes, their insurance needs and financial troubles. ​

Our mission is to continue to provide high quality services ​​that:

  • people are happy to recommend to their families and friends

  • our agents preferred as the best option and are proud to offer to their clients

  • and that our investors find profitable in the long run

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