Owe money to the IRS?

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sOlve your problems quickly and affordably

We understand the value of your time, at freedom we work with you to swiftly resolve your tax problems.

Free consultation and assessment

We offer free consultation to  review your case and discuss your options.

No need to speak with an IRS agent

No need to go through an IRS agent we will deal with that for you.

We will work with you to find different solutions

We will go through the different possible solutions and offer you the best solutions for your case.

Our solutions may include:

We offer a variety of solutions for you such as the following

Negotiating an offer for a discounted settelment

We can help you reach an agreement with the IRS in order to reach a favorable settelment.

Requesting a reduction in penalties 

If you have valid reasons for your tax problems we will help you present these to the IRS in order to reduce your penalties.

Asking for an appeal of the taxes owed

Request IRS re-examine your case reduce the amount you owe.

Offering a payment plan

We will help you in offering a payment plan that is workable for you.