Getting Through Harsh Times

Our country is going through an unprecedented health, social and econimic crisis. The scope of the problem extends beyond our borders to the rest of the entire world. People´s life have been affected in every aspect, and the end to the crisis doesn´t seen to be any where near. In times like these it´s easy to enter into panic and make terrible decissions, not only in our health and social life, but in our ecnomy as well.

Here we offer powerful tips to help you get through these harsh times.

Accept that crises are part of life

Our country has faced many crises episodoes that resulted in deep economical depressions and recessions. There were depressions in 1807, 1837, 1873, 1893. Then there was the Great Depression, wich lasted from 1929 to 1939, and the more recent recessions, including the recession of 1974, 1980, 2001 and 2008.
Once you accept that crises are part of life, and that, they will come and go (most times with no notice whatsoever), you can then be at ease knowing this crisis will, without a doubt pass. Only at this point you will be able to cope with the stress that major crises cause to our lives. You will then, be able to stay calm and make rational, intelligent decissions.

Stay connected

¨Social distance¨ means just that, being at a distance while keeping social. In these times of uncertainty, nurturing relationshilps with close family members, friends, business associates and even customers is very important. You should be ready to accept help and support from those who care about you, while being ready to offer help and support to those that need you. Some people find help reclaiming hope in civic groups, faith organizations, and other online groups.

Maitain focus

A great way to maintain focused is to bring into perspective all the blessing you have in your life and remember that this situation, as harsh as it feels will pass. Visualizing our goals, rather than worrying about our fears, will help us plan a desireable strategy and reduce the stress caused by the current situation.

Search for learning opportunities

We can all learn something about ourselves when going through a crisis. Use this crisis as an opportunity to grow professionally and/or personally. Search for online groups that can help foster your interests and expand your knowledge .

Keep a hopeful point of view

Be resilient, you can only control and change the way in which you respond to the current events. No one can reverse what has happened. Try visualising beyond the bad news and into the future, where circumstances may be better and where you can take steps to improve the situation.

We´re here to help

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