Tax preparation course helps students become tax professionals

Becoming a tax preparation professional can be a rewarding experience. For those who want to start a new career, as well as those who want to increase their income, or, businesses that want to offer additional services in thier portfolio, Freedom income tax course is open for enrollment. The tax preparation course is conducted at our Miami location and online through our online platform. Tuition is affordable and includes learning materials.

The Freedom Income Tax Preparation Course, gives students the opportunity to learn new skills from an industry leader. While they become tax preparation professionals, they will better understand their own taxes.

Freedom tax praparation course is laid out in easy to understand modules that make the tax code look simple to anyone.  Freedom´s income tax preparation course is a convenient way to learn how to prepare annual income tax returns professionally. The course can lead to high paying career, increased income, or land a job with a recognized company.

Freedom is an expert in tax return preparation, we understand the tax code and make it simple to understand for our stuednts. The Income Tax Preparation Course curriculum includes step by step insrtructions,  customer service skills, tax theory, current laws, and best practices. Course include:

  • License and certification by the IRS (PTIN number)
  • Practical classes in tax software with real cases
  • Wages
  • Income
  • Taxes
  • Filing requirements
  • Credits
  • Retirement
  • Reviews and exams

To enroll in Freedom’s Income Tax Preparation Course, call 1-800-447-FREE.

About Freedom Services

Freedom Services is a growing consumer tax services provider. We provide tax services to thousands of people across the United States. Freedom Services also offers tax resolution services,  insurance products and finacial coaching. For more information visit our web site at



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